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I have been involved in sales and business development for over 20+ years across a range of industries with the last 15 spent predominantly in the outsourcing and customer management space.

During my career I have been fortunate enough to generate over $500 million in sales for the businesses I have worked for and have trained over 1000 people in varying stages of their sales and customer service career to great success.

I have also devised award winning sales training and marketing videos and have sold over 3000 products online in the last 10 years.In the last few years there has been a notable shift in the way salespeople are winning business and some of the methods that worked in days gone by no longer work with the same effectiveness.

To this end, I have combined my own experience, as well as studying the winners in the new “experience economy” to transform not only my own sales processes and practices, but many others through my white papers, books, webinars and training programs.

I firmly believe to win in the quest for the “modern customer” we need to be flexible, agile and offer genuine commercial insight to our customers.

A combination of social/digital sales techniques, combined with the right storytelling and strategic frameworks will allow the next generation of salespeople to connect and engage with their prospects on levels never experienced before.


These are just some of the blue chip companies Scott has worked with.